Legislation Tracking

Policy Management Pro

Know What Needs Your Attention

Our algorithm searches will eliminate outlying bills, keeping you focused on health care centric policy, while Jāsos'© analyst reviewed service will provide you with only the policy changes that you need to see.

Easily Manage Your Information

Jāsos'© intuitive site design allows you to quickly search your tracked policies, generate custom reports, and share impactful policies with others. Jāsos'© daily email alerts allow you to quickly identify why you have been alerted to new and updated policies.

Your Dedicated Staff

Jāsos'© staff is always ready to take your call or email to assist with you questions, report generation, or updates to any issue definition. When you're away from your office and need to know, give us a call and we'll be your back office support to get you the data points you need to deliver your message.

Jāsos'© can keep your Government Relations Team even more focused on high-leverage activities

Targeted Industries Include: