Managed Markets

Positioning for Sales

Channel strategies for Commercial, State, and Federal payers rarely survive first contact with the customer. Jāsos enables Managed Markets to rapidly pivot marketing plan with:

Increasing Disease State Awareness

Jāsos increases awareness of your targeted diseases through customized Health Screening services. Utilizing your product/device portfolio and NCQA HEDIS and/or CMS STAR measures, Jāsos© creates industry approved screening programs to retain patients, add value to Payers, and educate government officials. Self-funded Payers such as labor unions, associations and large corporations also benefit from health screenings services.

Change the Conversation

Jāsos© helps you gain access to account decision makers by increasing your value to them. Instead of a common price and rebates focus, we can help change the conversation to demonstrable added-value through member retention, cost-effective care savings, and greater plan reimbursement.