Legislation Tracking

New to Healthcare Legislation?

Whether you work with Jāsos© or track state/federal legislation and regulations by yourself, there are 5 considerations to be addressed in order to make a good decision.

Consideration #1: How are you going to learn the syntax language?

The Search

Every online database has a syntax – a programming language structure – that allows the user to ask (query) for relevant information. It's like learning the proper word order to speak a foreign language. Sometimes you can communicate in a foreign language with simple keywords and phrases, but in policy searching, an unrefined request means that every bill with your key words will be returned as relevant.

Consideration #2: Do you know what terminology is needed for each of your issues?

Content Matters

To discover the policies that matter to you, you must know what words and phrases to include/exclude from your searches for EACH issue in EACH state. "Kitchen sink" omnibus bills typically have all your key words, but may not be relevant. Also, the terms used in policies often change over time, so searches must be updated frequently to remain effective.

Consideration #3: Do I have the time to read all the bills captured and determine what’s actionable?

What's Actionable?

You are sifting through nearly 200,000 biennial bills and 20,000 annual regulations for your actionable information. The more "bad" bills you capture with poor searches, the more time spent reading to discover relevant policy and the less time focused on high-leverage activities.

Consideration #4: How are you going to determine the incremental policy changes and what updates are relevant?

Tracking Changes

After each policy's update, you will have to find the latest change and decide if it significantly modifies the original impact to your business. This often means re-reading the entire bill every time there's a progress update. Updates can be movements through committees, amendments, and scheduled hearings – to name a few.

Consideration #5: How difficult is it to manage my policy information?

Manage Information

When you need answers about important policies, it should be easy to organize the data and not get lost in the system. Managing policy is an important as managing your time. Ensure your web tool is built for users like you and not attorneys or academia.

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