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Senate Door Window Trigger Point Surveillance

State Legislation and Regulations can reduce a company's annual revenues 25% to 50% from a Medicaid program. With almost 176,000 new state bills and 20,000 proposed regulations introduced annually, as well as constantly changing pharmacy benefit guidelines, formularies, product restrictions for the government markets ~ it's difficult for clients to keep current and affect their market share.

Most clients do not have the manpower to consistently monitor all this information (50 states and the VA/DoD), track, interpret the potential financial impact, and then determine the appropriate course of action. Our core business is keeping two steps ahead of potentially damaging legislation, regulations, and changes in Medicaid and VA/DoD policy that can negatively impact our clients' revenues.

We monitor, analyze, and alert clients to: 3 People In Front Of A PC
Pending legislation and regulations affecting Medicaid benefits and pharmacy assistance programs based on customer supplied issues.
Medicaid formulary access changes
Product Contract Status
State PDL Review Meetings and Decisions
PA Process Changes
Federal (VA/DoD) Policy Changes