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Government Meeting Planning

Medicaid P&T, DUR, and other state agencies hold nearly 300 meetings each year that affect not only product access, but also favorable placement on state formularies. Favorable Medicaid and VA/DoD product placement can increase commercial business around 8% due to the "spill-over" effect ~ the spoils of being the leader. Knowing about the meeting is not enough, because not everyone is invited to present their products.

Most clients find it daunting to identify which meetings affect their products, understand the unique protocols for each state, qualify for product presentations, and know what information will resonate with the committees.
Our Regulatory and Clinical Teams:
Bullet Monitor Meeting Dates, Deadlines, and Agendas
Bullet Maintain State and Federal Specific Meeting Protocols
Bullet Prepare and Send Clinical Materials
Bullet Monitor and Register for "First-Come-First-Served" Presentation Opportunities
Bullet Conduct Clinical Detailing of Committee Members
Bullet Prepare Local Clinical Experts And Grassroots Leaders for Presentations
Bullet Maintain Database of Committee Member Information