Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how the Jasos® Group, LLC protects your confidentiality. We respect the privacy of our

clients, applicants, and employees. Jasos has created this Privacy and Security Policy statement in order to demonstrate and communicate its commitment to doing business with the highest ethical standards and appropriate internal controls.

Information Gathering and Use
Information obtained through user-submitted request-for-more information forms, such as name, company or school name, e-mail address, street address, telephone and fax numbers and educational information is used to provide Marketing with information on those interested in our business services and Human Resources about employment candidates. We consider your data to be private and confidential, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of trust in their safekeeping and use.

Who Receives Candidate Information
Personal information on candidates is sent to Human Resources to determine whether the applicant is appropriate for positions within the company. Information on clients interested in our services is sent to Marketing to for appropriate follow-up and response. Any information provided through our website is strictly confidential and intended for the sole use of our Marketing and Human Resources departments.

Amendments to Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is updated periodically. Modifications will made to this page at the direction of management and it is recommended that interested parties review our Privacy Policy routinely.

How to Contact Us
Please direct any questions, comments or concerns about the Jasos Privacy Policy to: