Fiscal Impact Analysis

Translate Government Regulations that Impact Business

Communicate the bottom line impact of Government Relations and state policies to Leadership, Brand Teams, and internal Departments with Bill$coreTM. Jāsos'© proprietary process can quantify fiscal impacts of most state policies utilizing client markets, product shares, and peer reviewed literature on the impact of similar policies to deliver client-specific fiscal impacts by product, service, and/or market.

Bill$coreTM Helps Direct Your Strategy

This report addresses the key question we hear from clients managing state policy – what is the fiscal impact to our business? As a group and/or individually, these fiscal scores provide a threshold, a focusing mechanism, and an ROI platform to decide how and when to engage on proposed state policy. Too often Brand Teams don't factor in policy impacts to sales goals and marketing plans before/during deployment, but now they can with Bill$coreTM

Make Better Decisions

Even knowing the actionable state policies, you must make the choice of where to spend your limited time and resources. With a Bill$coreTM Report on your tracked policies, you can decide where you are needed most for maximum financial return, justify resource deployment, and show ROIs on budget requests. EPS (earnings per share) values are also provided so leadership can translate impacts to the financials.

Get Your Free Report

Let Jāsos© quantify your unique impacts on specific policy that affects your business. With a quick consultation and some client-specific information, Jāsos© will provide you with a customized free Bill$coreTM Report. See how this new tool can help you and your company make better decisions today.