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What we do

Keep your Government Relations Team focused on high-leverage activities.

  • Get the tools and resources to turn data into actionable information.
  • We help you play BIGGER than you are.TM


What we do

Increase the Impact of Government Relations Teams by:

  • Alerts to relevant policy
  • Greater focus via Analyses and fiscal impacts
  • Papers and Programs to educate KOLs


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Identify & Win the Battles
that Matter Most

  • Bill$coreTM helps direct your efforts in the capitols.
  • Learn how Bill$coreTM users focus on the right issues, for maximum leverage.

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Are you using Bill$coreTM

Bill$coreTM Helps you Know:

  • Legislation's fiscal impact to your business
  • Where you're needed most for maximum leverage
  • Better answers to strategic questions

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Your Healthcare Partner

Since 2000, Jāsos© has combined many decades of clinical experience with solving healthcare challenges for pharmaceutical, biotech companies, and medical device manufacturers as well as managed care organizations.

We are healthcare specialists and can help you leverage data for actionable insights, increase disease/product awareness, and understand the impact of healthcare policies to your business.

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Specialists in helping Government Relations Teams be more effective.

The professionals at Jāsos© are specialists in helping Government Relations Teams be more effective. Their legislative management system finds the policy we need and saves each of us a few hours a day. Their research and insights allow our Team to respond over even the biggest players.

I have hired Jāsos© at 3 different companies over the last 16 years and have recommended them as an indispensable resource!"

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